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Grid technology enables high-performance computing that until now has typically only been available to academia and large industry.

Edutain@Grid developed middleware that gives other application developers access to this powerful technology without the need for Grid infrastructure management. Edutain@Grid addressed applications with very high interactivity and responsiveness. Success has been demonstrated through the development of pilot applications for massively multi-player interactive gaming and e-learning, which the project defines as examples of Real-time Online Interactive Applications (ROIAs).

HCI & UX Network & Service Management

Project Outcomes

Maritime search and rescue

The gaming pilot application was based on an existing fast action game developed by project partner Darkworks. The e-learning pilot application was based on training applications developed by project partner BMT Cordah, in the field of maritime search and rescue.

Edutain@Grid established innovative tools, services and methodologies for efficient development of ROIAs to exploit technology that has previously been applied to big science.

Project Fact Sheet

The Edutain@Grid project was a 36 month project funded by the EC FP6 IST.

Coordinator: Universität Innsbruck, Austria
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European emblem Edutain@Grid received research funding from the EC’s Sixth Framework Programme.