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Development activities of the European ICT industry show a clear trend to shift from design-oriented tasks towards an age of experimentation, for which the ever-changing Internet ecosystem has become the major driver.

Experiment-driven RTD will ensure that the European Internet industry can evolve towards a Future Internet that is built on European technology, services and values. Experimentally driven research is therefore at the heart of the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative, in collaboration with other regional and global initiatives such as GENI, CENI and FIWARE Mundus.

Existing federation efforts such as Fed4FIRE, XIFI, IoT Lab and OneLab have brought together heterogeneous facilities and made them accessible through common frameworks and tools, thus supporting a broad range of experimenter communities covering a wide variety of Internet infrastructures, services and applications.

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Building on Fed4FIRE

The FP7 Fed4FIRE federation project developed a common federation framework that has been widely adopted by different experimentation facilities and used by different experimentation communities within both academia and industry. Powerful support is provided for the whole experiment lifecycle, covering tools and interfaces for discovery and reservation of resources, experiment control, measurements, monitoring, identity management, access control, accountability and SLA management.

Via Open Calls, Fed4FIRE has attracted over 120 submissions of experiments from SMEs, industry, academia and research organisations and the results and feedback of the selected experiments clearly showcases the need and added value of such a federated set of testbeds. As the Fed4FIRE+ project builds on the existing Fed4FIRE federation, the project was able to hit the ground running, ready to accept submissions of experiments in different areas of activity and different sizes of complexity targeting specific stakeholders and interested parties. This is achieved through a system of Open Calls and by using the Cascade Granting mechanism.

The Fed4FIRE+ project builds on these Fed4FIRE foundations, as this has proven to be the top FIRE federation at the time. Several players and stakeholders have already stressed the huge positive impact Fed4FIRE has made on the landscape and the fact that Fed4FIRE has become a reference point in the FIRE community, within as well as outside the EU. Out of over 120 submissions through fed4FIRE's Open Calls, over 30 experiments were selected and will have run on the federation, next to several other experiments making use of the Open Access mode.

IT Innovation's Role

IT Innovation build on previous work in Fed4FIRE, leading the sustainability work and contributing to the structure and purpose of Fed4FIRE's Federation Board by providing input to the governance of Fed4FIRE+.

IT Innovation also consider the implications of long term data storage applied to the environment of a federated future internet experimentation platform, with a focus on the promotion of data reuse.

Project Fact Sheet

The Fed4FIRE+ project is a 60 month project funded by the EC H2020 framework programme.

Coordinator: iMinds, Belguim
Website: https://www.fed4fire.eu
Twitter: @fed4fire

European emblem This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732638.