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As the Web revolutionised access to information, so the Grid is revolutionising accessibility to a wide range of IT assets.

Grid-Enabled Medical Simulation Services need security compliant with complicated and demanding legislation, and quality-of-service appropriate to various time-critical processes.



Secure Society

GEMSS demonstrated how Grid technologies can be used to transform healthcare and enable Europe to lead that transformation. The GEMSS test-bed was the first European medical computing and resource Grid to render accessible a multitude of digital services in a clinical environment. Health care benefit will be created by providing access to new tools for improved diagnosis, operative planning and surgical procedures. See the GEMSS project website for more details.

We developed an interoperable, innovative Grid middleware for medical services applications, using open standards. The focus was on innovative extensions that support medical applications. The work included security models compliant with legal issues, fail-over and recovery from errors, and workflow and service orchestration techniques for time-critical processes.

Our work in GEMSS has informed the development of the GRIA service-oriented infrastructure and our current service-oriented systems projects.

Project Fact Sheet

The GEMSS project was a 29 month project.


GEMSS received research funding from the EC’s IST Programme.