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Protecting Sensitive Data in the Computing Continuum

Secure Society Smart Manufacturing Network & Service Management

Project Vision

Cloud computing is transitioning from a few large data centres to a truly decentralized computing paradigm. Computing resources are increasingly provided near the network edge, in a geographically distributed way, in the form of so-called fog nodes. Data produced in end devices like smartphones, sensors or IoT devices can be stored, processed and analysed across a continuum of compute resources, from end devices via fog nodes to cloud services. This decentralized computing paradigm provides huge benefits in terms of reduced latency, increased processing speed and energy savings, but the protection of sensitive data in such a widely decentralized setting becomes a critical concern.

FogProtect delivers new and advanced architectures, technologies, and methodologies for ensuring end-to-end data protection across the computing continuum, from cloud data centres through fog nodes to end devices. The FogProtect solutions are generic and can be used in multiple contexts to support many types of applications and services. FogProtect combines four main technology innovations: (1) secure data container technology for data portability and mobility, (2) dataprotection-aware adaptive service and resource management, (3) advanced data protection policy management, (4) dynamic data protection risk management models and tools.

Three complementary real-world use cases demonstrate the applicability of FogProtect solutions to multiple contexts and the impact of the project’s novel solutions for data protection: smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart media. FogProtect provides the essential building blocks to empower data protection, supporting resilience, trustworthiness and humancentricity in the Next Generation Internet.

Project Objectives

  • End-to end, crosscomputingcontinuum data protection architecture and methodology.

  • Secure data container technology for secure data portability.

  • Dataprotection aware adaptive services and resource management engines

  • Data protection policy management techniques

  • Dynamic data protection risk management models

IT Innovation's Role

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IT Innovation leads the work on Dynamic Risk Management and Ethics. This work builds on expertise and tooling for systems security modelling.

IT Innovation is also recognised as the expert on research ethics and emerging ethics in complex ICT systems, engaging with stakeholders in order to determine the governance requirements and key challenges pertaining to accessing ethical and legal issues

Project Fact Sheet

The FogProtect project is a 36 month project funded by the EC H2020 framework programme.

Coordinator: UBIWHERE LDA
More information:

European emblem This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871525.

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