The MUPPITS (Multi-User Post-Production IT Services) project addressed the business needs felt by UK production and post-production houses in trying to remain efficient and competitive in the face of strong international competition.

The project brought together major players in the UK media production industry in two research and development strands.

HCI & UX Network & Service Management

Project Outcomes

In the first strand, in collaboration with project partners Smoke & Mirrors we investigated mechanisms by which post-production houses can outsource computationally expensive rendering operations as an alternative to being resource limited when trying to manage all their rendering needs in-house. The difficulties which have prevented this in the past have been the difficulty of estimating the computational demands of render jobs, and the significant security risks associated with allowing work in progress out of the building. The result is high costs, wasted power and organisational inefficiency as post production organisations try to manage increasingly demanding jobs with increasingly limited resources.

In the second strand, a service oriented business and lifecycle management architecture has been developed for the management of the production lifecycle of film and broadcast production using tapeless workflow. In collaboration with our project partners from the BBC, Pinewood Studios Group, Molinare, Ovation Data Services and SohoNet we designed and implemented experimental demonstrations of elements of this workflow based on the GRIA middleware solution.

The results of following these two strands of development are a structure which allows content producers, facilities houses and service providers to come together in a secure business environment to plan, manage and combine their collective resources (people, hardware, applications) in a more dynamic and flexible way than previously possible.

Project Videos

To learn more about MUPPITS, please check out the MUPPITS Project Showreel Video. We've also produced a video illustrating IT Innovation's core MUPPITS component, the Data Warehouse.

Project Fact Sheet

The MUPPITS project was a 32 month project.

MUPPITS received Collaborative R&D funding from the UK Technology Programme.