In the OFERTIE (OpenFlow Experiment in Real-Time Internet Edutainment) project we were researching the use of software-defined networking (SDN) to improve delivery of an emerging class of distributed applications for the Future Internet known as Real-Time Online Interactive Applications (ROIA).

HCI & UX Network & Service Management

Project Outcomes

The Edutain@Grid project showed that it is possible to use SLA-based management of cloud hosting across multiple data centres to scale and load balance applications dynamically and securely. OFERTIE is exploring how to use programmable networking methods to handle networking bottlenecks which limit the scalability and quality of experience of ROIA applications.

OFERTIE enhanced the OFELIA Testbed for OpenFlow Programmable Networking to run experiments to establish how programmable networks can be used to support technical solutions such as multicast and managed QoS, and what business models and value chains would be able to use these solutions in an economically sustainable fashion.

Project Fact Sheet

The OFERTIE project was a 27 month project funded by the EC FP7 framework programme.

Coordinator: University of Southampton, UK
Website: http://www.ofertie.org
More information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/105732_en.html

European emblem OFERTIE has received EC research funding.