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In PrestoPRIME we researched and developed practical solutions for the long-term preservation of digital audiovisual content.

Our focus was on the planning and management of preservation and access services across the lifecycle of digital content. Many audiovisual content holders are making the transition from analogue to digital ways of working and are generating or storing huge amounts of digital content.

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Project Outcomes

There are an estimated 100M hours of audiovisual content in Europe's archives and with new production being almost entirely digital, data volumes are doubling every couple of years. Yet those tasked with keeping this valuable digital material safe and accessible in the long-term are ill-equipped to deal with the transition to digital content and the use of IT systems for its preservation and access. Good planning and management are key to lower costs, higher throughputs, better quality and reduced risk of loss. Our tools and service management framework help those responsible for retention and access to digital content to be more effective in their jobs and deal with the challenges and uncertainties of the digital world in which they find themselves.

IT Innovation has over 10 years of experience working on the preservation, restoration, storage, search, navigation and retrieval of digital media. PrestoPRIME was just one of the projects in a portfolio which give us a world-class track-record in digital preservation, archiving and access. A significant outcome from this ongoing work is a new company called Arkivum, which has been spun-out of IT Innovation to provide assured archiving services across a range of sectors.

Project Fact Sheet

The PrestoPRIME project was a 46 month project funded by the EC FP7 framework programme.

European emblem PrestoPRIME has received EC research funding.