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Data, Health and Society

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Project Vision

We are using artificial intelligence (AI) and insights into health data to support healthcare decision making.

We aim to create a learning healthcare system, providing data insights that can be used by healthcare professionals to improve the health and resilience of individuals and populations. We investigate how technology impacts personal and society’s health, and how people impact the technology.

Our projects allow us to realise the major health and social care potential that AI can deliver, in a scalable, iterative, responsive and accountable manner.

Project Objectives

The BRC Data Health and Society (DHS) theme aims to tackle the following research questions:

  • How can we build trust and ensure the trustworthiness of our systems through partnerships with citizens?

  • How can we cross boundaries and use AI to connect people and data throughout life?

  • How can we use data science to integrate multiple data sources to predict, categorise and prevent disease?

IT Innovation's Role

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IT Innovation co-leads the DHS theme contributing to a range of projects considering data governance, digital safety, codesign with data storytelling, and modelling complex human digital twins

IT Innovation's contribute builds on our deep expertise of advancing techniques that tackle the challenge of developing and deploying artificial intellgence within health and care systems

Project Fact Sheet

The Southampton Biomedical Research Centre is a 60 month project funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

Coordinator: University of Southampton
More information:

NIHR This project has received funding from the National Institute for Health and Care Research under grant agreement TBC.

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