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The flourishing of user driven demand, the heterogeneity of networks, the multiplicity of new devices, all mean that the Internet as we know it is reaching a saturation point.

One of the main challenges of Future Internet research is to address the surge in complexity that service and network developers are facing. Building on top of the on-going actions to support large-scale experimentation for Future Internet protocols, the TEFIS project brought evaluation processes one step further.

HCI & UX Network & Service Management Digital Innovation Platforms

Project Objectives

TEFIS provided an open platform to support experimentations at large-scale of resource demanding Internet services in conjunction with upcoming Future Internet networking technologies and user-oriented living labs. It acted as a single access point to a variety of existing and next generation of experimental facilities, offering:

  • an open platform to integrate and use heterogeneous testbeds based on a connector models, and exposed as a classical service;
  • integration of 8 complementary experimental facilities, including network and software testing facilities, and user oriented living labs;
  • a platform to share expertise and best practices;
  • core services for flexible management of experimental data and underlying testbeds resources during the experiment workflow; and
  • a single access point to testbeds instrumented with a large number of tools to support the users throughout the whole experiment lifecycle (compilation, integration, deployment, dimensioning, user evaluation, monitoring, etc) and allow them to work together by sharing expertise.

Combining the efforts of the software and service industry, the FIRE community and the user-centric Living Labs, TEFIS fostered both research and business communities.

Project Fact Sheet

The TEFIS project was a 32 month project.

Website: http://www.tefisproject.eu
More information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/96812_en.html

European emblem TEFIS has received EC research funding.