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Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform

Secure Society Smart Manufacturing

Project Vision

ZDMP aims at providing an extendable platform for supporting factories with a high interoperability level to cope with the concept of connected factories to reach the zero defects goal. In this context, ZDMP will allow end-users to connect their systems (i.e. shopfloor and ERP Systems) to benefit from the features of the platform. These benefits include products and production quality assurance among others.

Project Objectives

The concept of ZDMP can be simplified to a feedback and control system found in areas ranging from human/autonomous driving through to electronics. Steering the system will be the ZDMP apps composed using the projects SDK and different components. Broadly these receive (and present/actuate) information from sensors/APIs and then process the data.

Influencing this are material and process flaws as well as errors which create defects. This data is consumed by process and product analytics services which in turn feeds back to the apps to complete the cycle reiterating until the system is optimised and Zero Defects product is achieved. ZDMP is that platform and is thus a suite of components that deploys and enables the ecosystem:

  • To build applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices

  • To collect and analyse data from connected devices.

  • To enable secure connectivity and privacy between devices and throughout the platform.

  • To manage interconnectivity from device/sensors, to machines, to factories, to partners

  • To offer core API services to facilitate use.

  • To allow integration with 3rd party systems/services and provide interoperability with other platforms.

  • To automate and provide services for the intelligent Zero Defects ecosystem of the platform.

IT Innovation's Role

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IT Innovation leads tools supporting security risk modelling in smart factory supply chains and distribution of open call funding to 3rd parties developing and using Zapps as part of the market place

ZDMP brings together IT Innovation's extensive experience in risk modelling and builds on the Spyderisk methodology and tools. The project also builds on our extertise in engaging industry and SMEs in innovation funding programmes.

Project Fact Sheet

The ZDMP project is a 54 month project funded by the EC Horizon Europe programme.

Website: https://www.zdmp.eu/
More information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/825631

European emblem This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe's research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.