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The Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative created a multidisciplinary test environment for investigating and experimentally validating innovative networking and service paradigms.

FIRE offered infrastructure, methodology and tools for experimentation. It created a dynamic, sustainable and large-scale European experimental infrastructure by gradually connecting and federating existing and next generation testbeds for Future Internet technologies. In addition, FIRE promoted the concept of experimentally-driven research, combining visionary academic research with the wide-scale testing and experimentation that is required for industry.

Note that the efforts of FIRE carried on in the The Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative. See the HUB4NGI project for more information on this.

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Project Outcomes

AmpliFIRE was a support action preparing the FIRE Initiative for year 2020, strengthening the exploitation and impact creation capacities of FIRE facilities.

AmpliFIRE’s key results are:

  • AmpliFIRE has developed a vision and strategy for the future of Future Internet research and experimentation up to 2020. This proposes FIRE will become the future Research, Development & Innovation Lab (R&D&I) for European research into Future Internet technologies. The current FIRE capabilities were assessed against the gaps relative to the demands of future research areas in particular in the fields of IoT and smart networked systems.
  • AmpliFIRE developed a roadmap indicating a series of recommendations that FIRE must take to achieve the AmpliFIRE vision. The roadmap provides implementation descriptions to: increase the relevance and impact of FIRE research; create a sustainable open federation to increase business and societal impact; and become the R&D&I lab.
  • Built and aligned the growing community of FIRE users (including FIRE facilities, researchers and experimenters, and SME & industrial users) to ensure FIRE moves forward with a common goal and maximizes the effectiveness and impact creation of all FIRE activities. A notable success in this regard is FIRE Forum (initiated by AmpliFIRE)—a yearly open symposium to bring together representatives of FIRE projects, the European Commission and other stakeholders and initiatives to discuss the further development of experimental facilities, research and innovation, and how a federated European experimental infrastructure will drive innovation.

IT Innovation led the roadmapping activities of FIRE; we created the vision and roadmap document, which is available as a book chapter here, and we organised events and online polls to interact with the FIRE community to agree on the roadmap's proposed implementation steps.

IT Innovation's Role

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IT Innovation's role was to lead the roadmapping activities of FIRE.

We created the roadmap document (the white paper is available here), we organised events and online polls to interact with the FIRE community to agree on the roadmap's proposed implementation steps.

Project Fact Sheet

The AmpliFIRE project was a 36 month project funded by the EC FP7 framework programme.

Coordinator: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
NGI Experimentation:

European emblem AmpliFIRE has received EC research funding.