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The Next Generation Internet (NGI) should provide better services and greater involvement and participation in our society.

It is essential that the NGI is designed for humans, so that it can meet its full potential for the society and economy. In this context, European initiatives aim at addressing technological opportunities arising from advances in various research fields, extending from new network architectures and software-defined infrastructures to new concepts for services and applications.

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Project Objectives

HUB4NGI is a Coordination and Support Action which aims to strengthen and coordinate the work done by ongoing and upcoming EU projects focusing on NGI Experimentation (NGI-E), while ensuring their sustainable impact in H2020 and beyond. This fosters the contribution of experimentation-driven efforts into the next Framework Programme.

HUB4NGI aims to provide strategic guidance on how NGI-E will evolve in the next framework programme spanning 2020-2025 within the context of the NGI initiative, while currently operating as a "living hub" to assist refining and achieving the H2020 vision and goals. HUB4NGI offers a rich set of means to connect, network and collaborate in a dynamic working environment that ensures the growth of the NGI ecosystem by bringing together all relevant Internet Researchers and Innovators. This is done by addressing both CSA objectives in the ICT-13-2016 Call and adaptively accounting for the needs of the newly created NGI Unit the HUB4NGI activities are framed in.

By capitalising on the achievements of the most recent Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) projects, HUB4NGI provides continuity between past and future NGI-E initiatives, where NGI-E indicates the evolution of NGI-E efforts towards the achievement of the Horizon 2020 vision and beyond into the next Framework Programme, comprising the latest generation of FIRE resources and projects started with the H2020-ICT-12-2014 Call. In particular, HUB4NGI covers existing and future infrastructure results, support actions and EC subsidised studies ensuring the sustainability of past and present investments in the NGI-E framework.

IT Innovation's Role

IT Innovation has been an active and influential participant in the NGI since its inception, leading the development of the 2018-2020 NGI-E whitepaper identifying the challenges ahead for the NGI, and providing policy recommendations to the EC for consideration within future Horizon 2020 work programmes on how open experimentation platforms can engage citizens and companies in finding solutions, activating business markets and addressing important societal challenges.

Next Generation Internet Experimentation: Drivers Transforming Next Generation Internet Research and Experimentation

Michael Boniface et al.

Within the HUB4NGI project, IT Innovation leads the NGI GUIDE work package, which is responsible for determination of the vision and strategy for NGI. The NGI GUIDE will determine the research subject areas of highest interest and impact, and also the mechanisms for supporting research and innovation into the NGI. The major outcome is in the form of advisory reports for the EC, which will inform its upcoming work programmes in the NGI IT Innovation will build its contribution to the NGI GUIDE on its role in FIRESTUDY and associated support actions.

This work builds on our extensive portfolio of nearly 20 projects within the FIRE and FI-PPP communities, such as Fed4FIRE+, FLAME, EXPERIMEDIA, AmpliFIRE, BonFIRE, INFINITY and XIFI. We also bring in our expertise in understanding and modelling networks of humans and machines from projects like HUMANE and CrowdHEALTH.

Project Fact Sheet

The HUB4NGI project is a 24 month project funded by the EC H2020 framework programme.

Coordinator: Martel Innovate, Switzerland
Twitter: @NGI4eu

European emblem This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732569.