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The N3 national broadband network connects NHS locations such as GP practices and hospitals across England. Due to the sensitive nature of the data transmitted on the network, any organisation that wishes to connect to it needs to satisfy strict compliance criteria. Currently, the assessment on whether these criteria are fulfilled is manual and the process of being admitted to connect can take up to a year.

The ASSURED project aims to radically transform the secure access to health data in the UK and, as a result, accelerate innovation within the healthcare digital supply chain. ASSURED will speed up the process by which new digital services are adopted within healthcare and will simultaneously reduce security risks associated with the management of personal health data. The project will combine N3 aggregation, security risk modelling and device compliance and monitoring techniques to create a new platform supporting the entire process covering application, assessment, approval and connection of services to the N3 network.

ASSURED platform diagram

ASSURED aims to reduce the time to approve the connection of digital services to the NHS network by an order of magnitude from up to a year to around one month. This is achieved via network modelling, assessment of threats via a knowledge base and by performing integrity and compliance monitoring. The image above gives an overview of the ASSURED platform.

IT Innovation's role

IT Innovation lead the work on risk modelling by providing:

This work originates from previous projects, such as SERSCIS and OPTET, and is also extended in recently started projects such as 5G-ENSURE (mobile network security), SHiELD (cross-border e-health) and RestAssured (Cloud data security).

Project fact sheet

The ASSURED project is an 18 month project funded by Innovate UK, which is a collaboration with AIMES and Metrarc.

Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board and they fund, support and connect innovative businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth.


This project has received funding from Innovate UK.