FLAME workshop on the future of digital media in 5G networks and the Next Generation Internet

03 Nov 2017

The FLAME project has recently published the first version of a new platform architecture for delivering high-quality, interactive and personalised media services. We are taking the technical proposition to a workshop at the NEM Summit 2017 at the end of November to discuss how media companies can realise the benefits of the FLAME platform through engagement in trials and experiments.

The workshop gathers leading experts working in the areas of digital media and communications to explore FLAMEā€™s disruptive innovations in the digital media ecosystems. We are expecting important conversations on immersive media, such as 3D tele-immersion and mixed reality, and how the Internet needs to change to support such highly interactive and time critical services.

The FLAME platform will ultimately be realized as virtualisable software components deployed over urban-scale infrastructures in Bristol, Barcelona and beyond. The plan for roll-out of a first alpha release of the platform is February 2018 with early validation trials starting in Spring 2018, followed by a further 20+ trials conducted throughout 2018 and 2019.

For more information about the workshop, and how you can attend, please see this workshop page. More details of the FLAME architecture specification can be viewed here.