IT Innovation secures over €4m of European funding

04 Apr 2017

Our applied IT research and development has received a huge boost from European funding, after winning eight grants worth over €4m in the Horizon2020 ICT funding call.

The funded projects, which are live and underway, support the IT Innovation's key objective of applying new technologies from the research community to problems in industry and commerce.

Below is a list of the projects which are benefitting from the grants:

  • DataPitch, led by the Web and Internet Science Group (WAIS) and involving the Institute for Law on the Web (ILAWS), aims to plug the gap in Europe-wide data innovation ecosystems by bringing together data owners and Big Data technology providers with startups and SMEs.
  • Fed4FIRE+ includes data management tasks developing strategies, risk models and tooling for long-term data preservation.
  • Transforming Transport is looking to show how the use of Big Data can significantly increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and foster new business models.
  • RestAsured will provide novel mechanisms and cloud architectures for detecting, predicting and preventing data protection violations at run-time.
  • The FLAME project is developing an experimental platform that brings together technology, creative sectors and consumers to support the development of media applications and services.
  • HUB4FIRE is looking to transform the current Future Internet Research and Experimentation structures into the future FIRE2020 platform in Europe.
  • SHiELD, funded under the Secure Societies call, looks at the exchange of health information across and within borders.
  • CrowdHEALTH, funded under the Health, Demographic Change and Well-Being call, introduces a new paradigm of Holistic Health Records, capturing clinical, social and human context, allowing for broad-ranging risk analysis and predictions of evolving health risks.