SANY - A collaboration between SolData and the IT Innovation Centre

31 Aug 2009

Building new metro systems and urban road and rail links often involves tunnelling under heavily built up areas, where it is vital that any resulting ground displacement is detected as early as possible. IT Innovation has worked with high-performance measurement company SolData to improve the interpretation and decision management supported by ground displacement sensor networks. We developed a generic sensor fusion software framework that works with OGC compliant sensor measurement databases descriptions; SolData are now looking to use this to simplify adding new processing capability to the SolData monitoring system and lower the cost to integration with third party sensor measurement database services.

The systematic use of fusion and models in SolData monitoring system would not only allow the users to get richer information, but would also constitute an enhanced early warning system, and ease the analysis of monitoring data. In SolData line of business, fusion would benefit to all its users and stakeholders. Gabriel Garcia, Group Director of Research & Development, SolData

For more information, please see our SANY project page.