In an Internet-enabled communications world, solutions to a wide variety of problems need to be provided very quickly.

VIVACE provides the agility, flexibility and responsiveness needed to shorten the solutions cycle and provide law enforcement with the communications data tools it needs to do the job.

Secure Society Big Data

Supporting the UK Police and Wider Law Enforcement Agencies

We support the Communications Data Development team providing innovative, agile and flexible solutions to problems in the communications data space. Our mission is to turn the "months to years" development cycle into "weeks to months".

VIVACE comprises a consortium of the best and brightest in the security industry, including Atos, IBM, Northrop Grumman and Thales. VIVACE will always seek the best solution to any problem posed and will continuously and proactively look for innovative solutions across the security landscape.

Work within VIVACE will be distributed during the course of the initiative according to the needs of the Home Office.

IT Innovation provide expertise on information security and Big Data analytics, building on our extensive portfolio of projects such as SERSCIS, OPTET, ASSURED, RestAssured, 5G-ENSURE, DESURBS, INFRARISK, ZONeSEC and SEDNA.

Project Fact Sheet

VIVACE is a 36 month Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) funded by the Home Office.

Coordinator: QinetiQ, UK